Thursday, 22 December 2011

Kute Kenwood Kombo

Older compact gear also intrigues me. Especially when it is free! If it can do the job just as well, or at least nearly so, with a small footprint why not?

These 2 Kenwood pieces date from around 1968 to 1970 and they still work just fine with not work from me other than a bit of cleaning. At about 10" wide and deep and with a combined height of less than 8" they don't qualify as tiny but are a very good fit around my computer as the desktop system. They literally were free to me, passed on from a co-worker who got them from his uncle. I even got some free speakers (homemade?) with the set but gave them away just yesterday through Craigslist.

Anyway, they mate cosmetically and in stature very well with a pair of Koss M60 Plus speakers that I got very cheaply about a year earlier. I refoamed the woofers in them and they finally found their niche when the Kenwoods showed up. The KA-2000 amp is rated at 13 or 15 watts per side, and as some people might say that is "old school watts" or "real watts"...whatever...

The tuner is the KT-1000 but should not be confused with a later Kenwood tuner that was introduced in 1981 for about 5 times the price. You can see them here on The Vintage Knob.

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