Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Vinyl Swap Meet Coming Up!

I am really going to join the ranks of the record geeks now that I have booked myself into a vinyl sale for next month. I am not sure how many records I personally will have for sale, but do expect to have a few boxes put aside by then and should have enough to fill at least half my table.

The other half will have a small stack of turntables. According to the organizer I will be the only one who plans to have any hardware for sale. I will be there on Saturday May 18th, but the show continues on Sunday the 19th.

I will post a few tidbits of what I will have to offer on the vinyl side later, but here is a sample or teaser of what might come up turntable-wise, tuned up and ready to plug'n'play:

Nice Pioneer

Harman Kardon ST-7

Audio Reflex MR-114 3

Kenwood KD-2055 Headshell

Dual 510

Here's the blurb from the Main Street Vinyl Fair website:

Next Vinyl Record Fair...

Dates : 
Saturday, May 18th & Sunday, May 19th
Time : 11 am – 4 pm
Place : The Cambrian Hall
215 East 17th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Entry : $2 at the door
All Ages
Featuring great music by the Knights of the Turntable!
Over 40 Vendors Over Two Days!
Only one table per vendor means only the best stuff at the best prices.