Thursday, 22 December 2011

I love a high tech look with a bit of retro going on too. Mitsubishi had it dialed with their series of receivers amps and tuners from the mid to late 70's.

I would LOVE to have the preamp, power amp and meter system that shared this look but at this point all I have is this lonely tuner, the DA-F10. It's a great tuner with very good sensitivity and sound. It's brother the DA-F20 is rated near the top of the heap at

Mitsubishi DA-F10 tuner

I don't really have room for the separates, so would settle for the DA-R7 receiver. It's a bit low power but would work in my situation with fairly efficient speakers and the fact that i can crank it up loud anyway.

The tuner as shown is for sale if anyone is interested for $100, Local pick-up preferred, shipping would of course be extra. It's in near mint condition. 

Jan 12 edit: The Mitsubishi tuner is sold!

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