Monday, 26 November 2012

Trying to get organized...

Yes I have to clean up and get some organization. My dining room has been a disaster lately and we won't even talk about the living room.

Some storage drawers will help with the various components: one for fasteners and fittings like RCA jacks and speaker binding posts, another for resisters, capacitors, coils and another for belts, lamps, LEDs and wire. That's a start...

Selling some of the extraneous turntables and receivers is part of the plan and having a better spot to display them for photos and auditioning will help. The new record cabinet helped as it gives me a good spot to highlight pieces. I turned an empty console stereo cabinet into a storage unit for 300 or more records in a few hours. It holds about 1/4 of my record collection but the rest of them are at least in some other form of shelving. These ones were just in piles until the other day.




Record cabinet

After getting this corner of my small place cleaned up I was able to quickly set up and swap in and out several pieces of gear for photos. One sold right away and others had interest. Another I just took the pictures for and did not advertise as I don't know if I can sell it...yet!

First, the Akai AP-004x turntable which is a very attractive turntable and a Sanyo DCX-1970k receiver.

Akai AP-004x 3

The Akai deserves another picture:

Akai AP-004x 4

This cute little Sansui R-5 receiver sold practically immediately after I Craigslisted it:

Sansui R-5.1 jpg

The Technics SL-D2 was up next:

Technics SL-D2 4

And one of the receivers I am not sure I want to sell, but took the pictures anyway, is the Mitsubishi DA-R10.

Mitsubishi DA-R10

I know I should get rid of some bills, reduce, unclutter...but darn! I like it...

Mitsubishi DA-R10 3

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I have to start selling some of this stuff

The last little while I have definitely been taking in more than is moving out. Today I picked up a Scott turntable, model PS-87. A few days ago I went to get a Technics SL-D2 and an SL-1700 MKII, and the guy also gave me a Sansui FR-1080.

Scott PS-87 (before)

Scott top

Scott tonearm

Scott strobe

Scott dirty

The Scott was filthy but has already cleaned up nicely and as has the SL-D2. The Sansui and Scott will need some lid sanding and polishing that I should get to tomorrow. Once that is done and I do some tweaking on all of them they should be ready to hit the road, or at least Craigslist.

Scott PS-87 (after)

Scott clean 2

Scott clean

The Scott looks like a solidly built and pretty good quality piece. Not top of the line by any means but a capable direct drive with a nice heavy mdf plinth, large transformer and motor and very nice controls. I will need to repair the tonearm lock and the arm lifter platform as they are both broken but I am some plans that I think will work out.

Scott bottom

Scott inside 2

In addition to the tables mentioned above, I am soon going to be able to finish off the the Technics 1300 and the Akai AP-004X. I have the new cables for the 1300 and the headshell for the Akai will soon be here.

I should have lots of record players ready for that Christmas rush!  

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Gear Still Flows


I've been happily listening to my Technics 1200 and have swapped back in the Yamaha CR-820 that arrived from Seattle several weeks ago, after a few weeks with a Carver MXR-130 hooked up. The Technics still has a minor issue or 2 which hopefully I can resolve and so does the Carver.

The turntable speed still has a tendency to fluctuate for a few seconds when I first turn it on. This is probably circuitry or solder joints that are suspect but it might just be the pitch slider. I am going to order one from KAB as that is a relative simple and inexpensive item to replace.

The record above, by the way, is Muddy Waters at the Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago, recorded 1981. It's a great package of a double album, 1 black vinyl and 1 white, plus a DVD of the show. Most of the Rolling Stones (Mick, Keith and Ronnie) showed up Muddy was soon joined on the tiny stage by all 3 of them. Terrific show and a nice presentation in this recent release.

Carver MXR-130 Receiver 2

I don't have any pictures of the Yamaha yet but the Carver I have snapped. I listened to it for a few weeks essentially without issue and have done nothing to it internally or externally as it is in nearly perfect shape. A couple of the controls are a touch scratchy & in need of cleaning and the lamp behind CARVER is burnt out. When I switched it to the tuner the other day I found the first indication of the issue that the previous owner pointed out and one that is well documented with the Carver receivers. The tuner tends to stop working or perform erratically and that is exactly what this did.

Being as well known as this issue is and Carver being not only well known but also not a cheap piece of crap, it has also a well documented set of repairs. There is an issue of a trim capacitor and an IC in the tuning circuit that are prone to fail. In addition the output relays and some resisters are frequently problematic. In fact there is a vendor on ebay that markets kits with instructions for just these repairs.

I am going to proceed with most if not all of the failure prone areas even if only the tuner is currently causing problems (and the bulb and pot cleaning from above). I ordered the tuner TC9147BP integrated circuit from ebay, though from a different vendor, and will get the relays and other parts as well. As usual I like to try to upgrade if I can, and I will actually install a socket for the IC instead of direct soldering to the printed circuit board. I don't want to burn the IC and I figure out of 42 pins I might mess up 1 or 2 and overheat the darn thing. 

The Carver won't be a keeper. I don't need 130 watts (!) per side, or is that over 150? It's the same receiver apparently as the MXR-150 and they both don't clip until around 157 watts. It's cool and all that, but I figure with the amount I spent on it plus the time and parts I will come out well ahead if & when I sell it. 

Akai AP-004X

Sansui R-5

A few more things will go on the block soon too. I have a recently acquired Akai AP-004X turntable that will clean up nicely. A Sanyo receiver and a small Sansui R-5 receiver will complement one of my turntables just fine and along with a set of just refoamed EPI 100 speakers will be an ideal system. 

Actually though the best match for that Akai even though not quite of the same period would be the Mitsubishi DA-R10 with its rosewood finish. I will be sad to see it go but I fear it must...

Mitsubishi DA-R10 top