Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day 2011

My Boxing Day shopping was limited to a record store, a kitchen gadget store and a Craigslist score.
The record store took me for $120 which was for about a dozen pieces of vinyl and a Spinclean record cleaning system, I only spent $5 in the kitchen place and the Sony STR-7025 receiver below was $35.
It's in very good, almost spotless condition. Well, actually I cleaned up a few spots. It looks and sounds great though. Cranks out a whole 18 watts per side.
The FM tuner is not working properly though (AM is fine). Only a few signals barely get through and it is extremely selective about those, all 2 of them. I'll be working on getting this resolved even though I don't listen to FM much on the main home system where this sits right now.

My other Sony receiver, the STR-V3, is a more modern looking device released in the about 1978 (as opposed to the 7025 being early to mid 70's) and is rated at 35w per side. I think I like the older one better...just have to get that FM tuner fixed.

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