Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dueling Sony's

After doing some research and asking around, it looks like even trying to recalibrate the tuner section on the Sony STR-7025 is much more difficult than I could handle. I don't have the expertise or the appropriate tools.

So it goes, but I have an adequate solution in the interim and maybe a more permanent one as an option.

For the time being the 7025 looks just great with my compact Sony tuner, the ST-80F. I've had this guy sitting around for some time without a mate. The mate that would be ideal is the TA-88 but that guy is rare!

But wait! I said I might have another tuner option. Somebody posted a similar Sony receiver on Craigslist, the next model up the line, the STR-7035. It's a bit more powerful at 26 watts per side and almost the same design. However his is not working either, though it was until recently. The price: Free.

I am hoping it is easy to fix or, if not, has the same tuner circuit board. That part might be working and could be dropped in (soldered in that is) to the 7025. We will meet up this weekend and make a swap. I'm going to give him my partially functional Pioneer SX-535 and maybe we will both be happy. The Pioneer works fine in FM, but not in AM and fine on the Tape and Aux inputs but not on Phono.

Of course we may just end up swapping garbage...


  1. I just connected my st-80 to a Fisher 8wpc receiver and then used a big old Fisher receiver with an 8-track as an amp. It is working well. I was worried about using the hi-level outputs but it seems to be ok.

  2. Why did you use the 8 watt Fisher in between? The ST-80 should be able to connect to a Tape or Aux input on either of the receivers you mention.