Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I like neat old stuff that looks good and works well. I also like neat old stuff that does nothing but just looks good. I'll try to fix things when I can, and have been happy with the results quite often too.

For example I picked up a NAD 5240 CD player recently and it had what has been a typical NAD problem, that of burnt out display bulbs. I've owned several NAD receivers and CD players in the past and a few of them have had the bulbs go. They still work, but you can't see what's going on and it is a real pain for a receiver/tuner especially and only a bit less so for a CD player.

Now of course LEDs hardly ever blow so I decided to perform some upgrade surgery. Below is the before picture with nothing visible in the display.


I have more pics available about the process but here are the LEDs in holes I drilled in the lamp housing.


and here is the end result. It looks and works great. The lighting is not completely uniform but it is very good and works well enough for me. Here is the NAD 5240 with my AR amplifier which is of course from an earlier analog-only era, but they work well together.


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