Tuesday, 14 April 2015

More turntables than I can shake a stick at

Along with the Space Lab stuff, where I might fix several turntables or other pieces of gear in one day, I've had a few around the home front too.

This Pioneer PL-A35 for example, went from this:

to this.

It will soon be on the market.

I also tuned up a Pioneer PL-4 and it works great now.

And I also have the Sansui 2050C ready for market. I love the power light and the lid prop stick thing on this. Very 1960s or something.

This Sony PS-X40 is no slouch. It's got a great arm and nice features with automatic functions and servo controlled direct drive. Too bad about the Handsworth School name etched into the plinth. Just maybe I will modify that silverware cabinet to take this as the controls are all on top and the etching on the front will be invisible inside the cabinet.

I've worked on others but they are kind of ho-hum compared to the next one, which is currently the one I am using at home. Here's a beautiful Denon DP-3000 with an AudioCraft AC-300 tonearm. In the first pic you see it with the headshell and Grado cartridge I go it with but I am now using my Denon DL-103R moving coil on it in a Jeweltone headshell. It's a nice match.

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