Monday, 26 November 2012

Trying to get organized...

Yes I have to clean up and get some organization. My dining room has been a disaster lately and we won't even talk about the living room.

Some storage drawers will help with the various components: one for fasteners and fittings like RCA jacks and speaker binding posts, another for resisters, capacitors, coils and another for belts, lamps, LEDs and wire. That's a start...

Selling some of the extraneous turntables and receivers is part of the plan and having a better spot to display them for photos and auditioning will help. The new record cabinet helped as it gives me a good spot to highlight pieces. I turned an empty console stereo cabinet into a storage unit for 300 or more records in a few hours. It holds about 1/4 of my record collection but the rest of them are at least in some other form of shelving. These ones were just in piles until the other day.




Record cabinet

After getting this corner of my small place cleaned up I was able to quickly set up and swap in and out several pieces of gear for photos. One sold right away and others had interest. Another I just took the pictures for and did not advertise as I don't know if I can sell it...yet!

First, the Akai AP-004x turntable which is a very attractive turntable and a Sanyo DCX-1970k receiver.

Akai AP-004x 3

The Akai deserves another picture:

Akai AP-004x 4

This cute little Sansui R-5 receiver sold practically immediately after I Craigslisted it:

Sansui R-5.1 jpg

The Technics SL-D2 was up next:

Technics SL-D2 4

And one of the receivers I am not sure I want to sell, but took the pictures anyway, is the Mitsubishi DA-R10.

Mitsubishi DA-R10

I know I should get rid of some bills, reduce, unclutter...but darn! I like it...

Mitsubishi DA-R10 3

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