Thursday, 22 November 2012

I have to start selling some of this stuff

The last little while I have definitely been taking in more than is moving out. Today I picked up a Scott turntable, model PS-87. A few days ago I went to get a Technics SL-D2 and an SL-1700 MKII, and the guy also gave me a Sansui FR-1080.

Scott PS-87 (before)

Scott top

Scott tonearm

Scott strobe

Scott dirty

The Scott was filthy but has already cleaned up nicely and as has the SL-D2. The Sansui and Scott will need some lid sanding and polishing that I should get to tomorrow. Once that is done and I do some tweaking on all of them they should be ready to hit the road, or at least Craigslist.

Scott PS-87 (after)

Scott clean 2

Scott clean

The Scott looks like a solidly built and pretty good quality piece. Not top of the line by any means but a capable direct drive with a nice heavy mdf plinth, large transformer and motor and very nice controls. I will need to repair the tonearm lock and the arm lifter platform as they are both broken but I am some plans that I think will work out.

Scott bottom

Scott inside 2

In addition to the tables mentioned above, I am soon going to be able to finish off the the Technics 1300 and the Akai AP-004X. I have the new cables for the 1300 and the headshell for the Akai will soon be here.

I should have lots of record players ready for that Christmas rush!  


  1. want a another ps 87 ?

  2. Perhaps.

    Send me an email to af***n**dsastereo at (figure it out :) )

  3. How much did you ask/ get for the Scott?

    1. I don't recall for sure but I think it was about $150, maybe a but less. That was a few years ago, and honestly it was probably work more.

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