Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Advent 300 Refurbish Part Deux

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So I have been away from this a while but the Advent moved into another phase and is now working better and looking way better.

Advent 300 Hammertone

Internally I have replaced most of the electrolytic capacitors though I still have a few to get to. The large power supply ones were the first and as the leads on them were radial (short and on one end) rather than axial (one long one out each end) I had to get a bit creative for mounting. I'll get a pic of that later.

The paint job is the obvious difference. These Advents look very industrial or utilitarian, almost military. The cabinets remind me of the Hammond project boxes my dad used to use on his home made stuff. This needed a repaint so why go with black? The face plate was generally pretty good and with all the text on it I am really glad it was as that would be hard to redo.

I used a grey hammertone paint which gives that industrial slightly pebbled or textured finish. It also is good at hiding minor imperfections, and since I am an impatient painter it works well for me. I stripped the black off mostly with paint stripper, sanded and primed before 2 coats of paint.

Recently I picked up a set of Realistic Minimus 77 speakers in white. These have aluminum cases and are bigger cousins of the Minimus 7 of which I have a few sets. They also needed new woofer foams which I have since done.

Minimus 77

Here's how things turned out.

Minimus 77 finish

Minimus 77 & Advent 300

Advent Minimus & Toucan

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