Saturday, 4 August 2012

Marantz System is up for sale! $650...I mean is SOLD!!!

I decided to sell my Marantz 140 power amplifier along with the 3200 pre-amp and the 112 tuner. The trouble is, when I hook up something to make sure it is all working fine and so that I can demo it to prospective buyers, I end up with cold feet!

If you would like to buy this system, you can use the PayPal button below but I would rather do this locally and in person. Please note that I will ship, but it WILL NOT BE CHEAP and will be calculated later. Shipping weight will be close to 40 kilos and ideally in 3 boxes.

I don't need it for sure as I have several other more-than-capable receivers including another Marantz. It  is the only system of separates though and it does sound pretty darn good The looks are not bad either.

I want $650 for the system as you see it. If you don't want the LED bulbs, I will change it back to incandescent fuse lamps and knock $50 off the price. The displays will probably look cyan green if I do that.

edit: SOLD!! In one day!

Maybe I should have asked for more money??

Marantz 4

The amp puts out a conservative 75 watts per side and in my space the needles barely flicker. The 3200 preamplifier is the period and model specific mate as is the tuner, model 112.

All the pieces are clean inside and out and the meter fuse lamps have been changed to LEDs, as have the tuner back light bulbs. The LEDs restore the Marantz blue that typically turns to green as the vellum paper ages and yellows with the conventional bulbs. That is if the bulbs still work as they burn out eventually anyway. The meters came out a different sort of blue, maybe partially because of the LEDs being done at a different time were from a different source. Or possibly it is because they deflect into the meters, rather than directly back light the face plate in the tuner.

Marantz 2

Marantz 6

Some people are purists about the old gear though, so LEDs are verboten. Incandescent only, even though it generates lots of extra heat that deforms and yellows the plastic surround the bulbs, and burns out readily. LEDs are much cooler running and will last practically forever but may not have that "original" look. Whatever...the LEDs look good and work well.

Marantz 5

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