Saturday, 26 May 2012

Technics Rubber and Dual in a Drawer

I had a Technics SL-1700 MKII turntable in the house for less than a day. It's a very nice table, and one I could easily live with, but I barely even got to sleep with this one. And even less so the Pioneers Pl-518 that was here for only about an hour.


The Technics and Pioneer both belong to Clint at Space Lab and I was just tuning them up. The Pioneer really just got a cartridge and tonearm alignment as it seemed to have no issues.

The 1700 had what is a common failure on this model. This model is essentially an SL-1200 but with auto shut-off. The cueing and tonearm return is done by a small motor mounted horizontally under the right side of the platter. This motor uses a belt to drive a pulley running the mechanism, and the belt crumbles after 20 years or so. That's exactly what I found in this numerous cockroach carcasses. Yuk!

Anyway the shop vac took care of the roaches and a produce elastic took care of the shut-off, at least temporarily. It worked great but today I picked up a O ring to replace the elastic. I was not sure the size I bought would work as the rubber was a bit thicker than the original (and definitely than the elastic band), but the diameter of about 1.25" and 1/8" thick worked fine.

I meant to take a picture of the inside area with the elastic band but forgot while I was working on it. I spent a good amount of time wet sanding and polishing the lid too. It works great and looks pretty nice now though.


As part payment (or something) for the jobs I am doing for Space Lab, or maybe just because he just likes me, Clint gave me a Dual 1019 turntable the other day as well.

The 1019 is one of the most highly regarded of their turntables. Well built and reliable, or as much as a 40 year complicated piece of machinery can be at least. This one has definitely put the nail in the coffin for the 1219 I have already.

Dual 1019

They all have their fatal flaws though and probably the worst of this table is the cartridge mount, sometimes known as the "sled", the TK-11 or TK-12. They can be prone to failure from stress and corrosion and tend to command high prices when you can get them. I bought a knock-off on ebay yesterday that might be better than the original with luck, as I plan to give the sled with this one back to Clint.

I call this the Dual in a Drawer as that is what it was until recently. It came out of a custom made cabinet for a Harman Kardon Citation and Thorens system. It has rollers on the sides for drawer glides as this was the secondary turntable in the cabinet. The Thorens was accessed through the top.

Dual 1019 side

I will remove the rollers eventually and do something around the sides, but the wood is so nice that I think I will try to do very little to modify the base.

I will have to get underneath to clean and lube, and perhaps adjust the idler and a few other things. I think I have a bit of wiring to work on too, but cosmetically it is very nice.



  1. Hi!

    This is going to sound a bit bizarre, but I read a post of yours (or of Montycat's) on the Audio Karma forums – it linked me to this blog which is why I'm here. Basically, I read a post of yours in which you said you have the cd L'Oud Marocaine: Musique Douce, which you bought in Marocco. I have the same CD! I bought it in Marrakech a few years ago. HOWEVER, though I have the CD right in front of me (im holding it), it seems to have become corrupted and will no longer play. Soooo, to cut a long story short I have a favour to ask you, would it be at all possible for you to make a good quality rip (FLAC or 320 MP3) and upload it to mediafire or something for me to download? I know it's a little odd (the internet, huh?), but I'd be sososo grateful! And I promise I bought the original (although looking at the version I have there was nothing too "official" about it!).

    Please let me know!

  2. Hi Steve, No problem, I can certainly help out. I am not sure how to contact you though so send me a message through Audio Karma. I am in Paris right now but will be home in a week and can take care of you when I get back.