Sunday, 22 April 2012

Raining Turntables

When I arrived home from work the other day I found a note on the door of my condo:

"Hey, I hear you are into turntables. I've got three, give me a call later..."

So I did, of course! 

My neighbour Doug is up 2 floors and over a few doors. He is trying to get rid of things as he prepares to go away for 6 months. I'm jealous of his trip as he plans to spend 6 months in Sicily, or is it Corsica?  I am also jealous of another friend as Doug gave him over 700 records a little while ago! Yikes. 

Oh well, at least they went to another friend and one of these days I might get to listen to them. I know he has a killer system too and will appreciate them.

Anyway, I was given the tables. No money has changed hands yet, but I do expect to sell at least 2 of them and I will do something nice for Doug. Like share some of the proceeds for example. 

They all need work, and I am well into now. 

Pioneer PL-155a

Table 1: Pioneer PL-155A is a belt drive semi-auto, from around the mid 1970's. It has on it now a Nagaoka MP11. I might keep the Nagaoka, and when I do get the Pioneer on the market equip it with a Shure I have around. The closest I can see in the Vinyl Engine library is the PL-15D: 

The lid had deep gouges (that snakey shape you see above is from the cord that was pressed...melted?...into the lid) in it but after sanding and polishing it is quite presentable. Other than that in good shape overall, with just a couple of small nicks in the "veneer" near the back, so after a new belt and some cleaning it looks great. Below you will see it is still a bit hazy (but less so in person than in the camera shot) but much more presentable.

I am not immediately going to put this one on the market. I'm waiting for a stylus to arrive, plus I have a co-worker who says she wants a Pioneer so I am going to give her a chance at it.

Pioneer PL-155A 2

Pioneer PL-155A


Sony PS-LX22 3

Table 2: Sony PS-LX22 is at least 10 years newer than the Pioneer. It's direct drive and also semi-auto. Rather than the vinyl veneer covered particle board base of the other deck, it's pretty typical silver/grey plastic mostly. Even so it is reasonably heavy feeling, though nothing like any of my "keeper" tabes.  The tonearm is straight and is made up of nicely machined or cast parts, and kind of looks like a "son of biotracer" concept. The cartridge is a Sony as well.

Sony PS-LX22 5

This one needed less aggressive work on the lid as it was scuffed, not gouged. No belt to worry about and it spins up fine. I aligned and tightened the cartridge and may not even change the stylus though I will have a better look later with my microscope.

This one goes up for sale tonight. Not a bad rig, but I don't need it and I don't have anyone else I can think of for it. Craiglist here we come...

Dual CS-508

Table 3: Dual CS-508 (more to come on this, it's bed time)


  1. Hi! I'm looking to replace a missing platter and tonearm counterweight on my PL-155A. Can't seem to find a match from the same model. Would you happen to know if there is a different Pioneer PL model that uses the same platter and/or counterweight? Alternatively would you by any chance have the diameter of the platter used in yours?

  2. I don't have the Pioneer anymore so I can't answer with certainty. However I imagine both parts were the same as some of the models from that era such as the PL15d I mention above. Also the 10, 12 and a few others were quite similar.

    Measure the diameter where the counterweight threads on as you have to match that.

    You could start a thread on VinylEngine or AudioKarma and I bet someone will know.