Thursday, 12 April 2018

Spring in Hong Kong and Japan

We are both bored of winter and need a break. Spring is coming very slowly in Vancouver and we decided to go back for Asia for a couple of weeks. Of course we couldn't just leave immediately but only planned this about 2 months ago.

Hong Kong is stop one and we are on the plane now.  That flight should take about 12 hours. Just 2 nights there and then we head to Japan. There we will spend a few nights in Tokyo, than train down to Hiroshima for a couple, back to Kyoto for a few more and then back to Narita and home.

Our agenda is pretty loose though we do have our rooms booked all the way alomng and a few places we feel are must see things but we didn't overplan it.

The airfare and Tokyo hotel were one package and the remainder of the accomodation is AirBnb. We have Japan Rail passes (or vouchers to exchange for same) and a Pocket Hot Spot to pick up at Narita Airport. In HK, we might be able to use a sim card someone gave us, if it still works.